GE & Asociados has great experience in the engineering sector, with a broad curriculum, including the design and controlled implementation of installations worth more than 500 million euros in more than 600 works projects.

We participate in various international research and development projects. Over the past 20 years we have been granted numerous awards acknowledging the excellence of our design.

Project and site management

Installation projects (electricity, plumbing, air conditioning, fire protection, telecommunications, industrial processes …) for:

  • Tertiary buildings (offices, museums, social centres, schools, health centres, shopping malls…).
  • Research centres and health service buildings (hospitals, operating theatres, cleanrooms, laboratories, animal facilities…)
  • Sports Centres (swimming pools, spas, gymnasiums, multi sports centres …).
  • Residential buildings (more than 6,000 homes designed).
  • Industrial buildings and processes.
  • Communal infrastructures (urbanization, water plants, public lighting, district heating …).
  • Refurbishment of existing facilities.


Wide range of services linked to the rational use of energy:

  • Energy audits for buildings and industries. Compliance with RD 56/2016.
  • Energy management for the facilities.
  • Official energetic certification of new buildings (HULC – LIDER-CALENER Unified Tool) and existing buildings (CE3X).
  • Energy modelling and simulation (Design Builder, Energy Plus).
  • International Ecological Certification (LEED, Green Building, Passivhaus …).
  • Measurement and verification of savings (IPMVP Protocol by EVO).
    Optimization and rehiring of energy supplies (gas, electricity …).
  • Advice on and management of grants for energy improvement.
  • Introduction of metering systems and monitoring of individualized consumptions.

Regulation and control of installations

Design of facilities for smart buildings (Building Automation Systems) and control programming thereof.

  • Programming, regulation and automatic control of air conditioning and electricity installations (LonWorks, EIB-KNX, Dali ..).
  • Home automation (homes) and building automation (tertiary buildings).
  • Comprehensive Installation control solutions (a single interface for all installations).
  • Monitoring and upgrading of existing regulation and control systems.

General Consultancy for the Facilities

Advice on any topic related to installations in buildings or industries:

  • Basic projects or analysis for the implementation of new installations.
  • Technical studies and reports (correction of deficiencies, current state analysis, surveys …).
  • Legalization and administrative procedures with the various authorities.
  • Any other consultancy services related to installations in buildings and industries.

Maintenance control and monitoring

Services for the support, advising and monitoring of the maintenance of installations that, combined, offer a comprehensive management of the installation and energy consumption thereof.

  • Remote Management of installations through advanced communication systems and supervision of installations.
  • Energy control. Monitoring of energy metering and billing, monitoring of consumptions and demands for energy leak detection.
  • Collaboration and control with maintenance services. Technical advice for the early detection of incidents, economic and ecological optimization of facilities operation and maintenance control.

Turnkey Installations

Comprehensive service for the implementation of new installations and refurbishment of existing ones:

  • Full implementation of new installations (design – Implementation – start-up and legalization).
  • Upgrades, renovations or extensions of installations in existing buildings. Including both technical advice and necessary interventions.


Express international vocation. Collaboration with companies from different countries:

  • International tenders and market surveys in a number of countries.
  • Collaboration with foreign companies that wish to develop their work on the Spanish market.
  • International accompaniment to Spanish companies with development abroad.